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Team Manager

Role outline: Team Manager
NAME OF CLUB:    Newcastle Vikings American Football
ROLE:    team manager
RESPONSIBLE TO:     Director
START DATE:             
January 2018

Ensure all members of team are informed of training arrangements

Inform the team of travel and meeting arrangements for home and away matches

Work with the coaches to recruit players and athletes to represent the club

Encourage players to conduct themselves in a professional manner and represent the club with pride at all times

Ensure that players/athletes do not bring the sport into disrepute

Liaise with coaches regarding logistics and kit arrangements for competitions

Deal with team/athlete entry into competitions

Attend management meetings as appropriate

Be responsible for Home game day setting up/setting down

Recruit Team for Game day to cover all listed duties

Liaise with Stadium to ensure all facilities and activities are catered for

Attend  BAFA Meetings in March & September

Organise any Sponsors activity required from Coaches or Players

Sponsors & Affiliates



Fox Independent Financial Services Ltd
Gridiron Strong
Nova Radio
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